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A Survival Guide for the Great Depression, Part Two


If you yourself haven’t yet lost your job, you have a 1 in 6 chance that you still could. The current unemployment rate is just 6.7 and during the Great Depression, it was 25% at it’s highest. Well, I have a low wage paying job in this time, so the money I don’t have, I wouldn’t spend anyway, because I don’t have it. If you’re like me, you are looking for the next wave in entrepreneurial motivation, a new way to make money during these hard times. I’ve looked at the first Depression for some ways to make money during these hard times:

Shantytowns. Oh yes, America’s next wave in suburbanism. You could either start your own contractor business, to construct shanties from various materials like crates, boxes, cardboard, metal scraps and whatever else your friendly urban landfill has to offer. If you don’t like that idea, say you’ve got baby’s hands, perhaps you could have someone build you a lovely Shanty town of your own and have a fancy name like “Holly Forest”. Then, with all the people forced to leave their foreclosed homes, you could offer them a new residential development, located right in the center of town. Your chicken wire fence allows for a safe-guarded community where only residents are allowed access. (You’ve hooked a car battery to the fence, security system armed!)

You could also start your own box car gang. Yes, our favorite youth novel characters, the Box Car Children, are based off depression youths who rode train lines from town to town in order to find work. No, not crust punks. You may want to sharpen your knives and brush up on basic knife fighting skills, as hobos have staked claim on most rail lines. They also probably already are missing most of their teeth, and have no fear in derailing you. A bookstore clerk informed me that the Box Car Children are still a popular series for youngsters, I recommend starting a youth army before getting involved. As we all know, children are the scariest humans alive.

If you have a little money put aside, you could start a clinic or begin a birth control pharmacy. Everyone knows babies are expensive and will not want to have any. More so than the babies they aren’t already having. And I’m not talking about this either.

You could just go out and make a blog, then walk around with a classified ad on your person.. like this guy.

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