I got smacked with awesome

February 2, 2009 at 4:04 PM 1 comment

This is a follow up to the awesome performance by the Boss last night. He still has it. It could be that he’s married to a redhead, I hear that keeps you young, vibrant, vivacious, and youthful. I’ve mentioned before that being a rocker was a previous dream of mine. I still haven’t let the dream go in some ways. I was rocking out to some Joan Jett the other night. I was not giving a shit about my reputation, and considering new leather jacket options, when I came across a new way to be a bitchin’ rocker chick. Little did you know, all it takes is a song written by the Boss and some Michael J. Fox!

Look at this movie! Bathe in the soft glow that is the 80s, emanating from the photo of the VHS tape cover. I’m excused from not seeing this sooner, as I was only two years old at the time of release. After making this discovery, I went right for my Netflix. I was going to see this movie as soon as humanly possible. Wrong. This movie did not only not exist on Netflix, it also isn’t included on the list of films Michael J. Fox is in. Heresy!

So I was forced to hit the whore of the internet, YouTube. It’s well known that Michael J. Fox is awesome on all sorts of levels, but I did question his ability to be a convincing front man of a rock band, despite some scenes in Back to the Future. It’s much easier to be a fake rocker these days thanks to the likes of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Let’s see how Marty holds up..

First of all, you can barely see his head over the crowd! Whoever was operating that camera clearly has no idea how angles work, or has a secret vendetta for Marty. That’s understandable, I’m sure he was the envy of lots of men back then. And they rep Cleveland?? No wonder only half the crowd is listening. It’s good news for him that Joan shows up, and just in time to do some mirror-mullet action at the mic. And if this is the anchor of the movie, the song you splurged on having Springsteen write, why the hell are you rolling the credits over half the screen?

In other secrets, Trent Reznor also makes an appearance in the movie in a synth band covering a Buddy Holly song. How about that?

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  • 1. newman  |  February 2, 2009 at 4:10 PM

    good read, ill try and check back again,



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