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harings handiwork

haring's handiwork

I’ve mentioned a love for Keith Haring, already. My elementary art school teacher told me that when he was still in Kutztown, you would see his chalk drawings on the sidewalk at the university. Now, who really knows if thats true. When Haring moved to NYC he started gaining recognition by doing chalk drawings on the blank advertising boards in the subway.

poster boy's handiwork

poster boy's handiwork

This summer I was visiting New York, and had a good chuckle at the above mutilated subway poster. My friend pointed out that there was someone who does this on the regular. I was pleasantly suprised to find Poster Boy’s Flickr page today. I was amazed that he knew where the faces underneath were, although he may have in fact put them on top. I didn’t have much time to inspect. Fortunately there’s a video that shows him at work. A razor blade. I’m still impressed.

Shepard Fairey was the first street artist who I got into. I actually just wanted to be in Andre the Giant’s posse. He’s truly evolved into a respected artist with a popular design studio. What’s suprising is that those who chose to deface walls and subways actually turn out to be talented and intelligent individuals. Banksy is another artist I really enjoy. He had a popular show in NYC recently. I don’t know who was first, Banksy or Alexandre Orion, but I think Orion takes the cake.

This type of work always makes me happy. People who are happy to just make art without soaking or basking in recognition. It’s the antithesis of crud like reality television. These public artists might have 15 minutes of fame, but they could really care less. I loved hearing about the commotion that the Adult Swim neon ads caused. I try to read as much as I possible can written on the stalls in the bathrooms of my favorite dives. Whether its a declaration of love, or a curse to someone’s tiny dick, perhaps even the phone number of a good time. I love me a good anonymous statement. The Poster Project is trying to be a little more positive with its reach and statement.

Now if only we can figure out ways to cut up internet advertising and grafitti banner ads. Or a way to just blow up myspace’s filth.

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